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 Sujet du message: Hajimemashite!
MessagePublié: Sam Aoû 02, 2008 12:34 pm 
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Inscrit le: Sam Aoû 02, 2008 11:45 am
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Localisation: Sainte-Foy (Québec)
Ou en d'autres mots, enchanté de vous rencontrer pour la première fois!

Mon nom est Maxime, j'ai 23 ans et Sainte-Foy est ma résidence depuis quelques années maintenant. C'est à noter que j'ai vécu un peu partout au Canada, donc je suis du genre à m'adapter où il se doit (Bref Ontario, Alberta, B.C. Manitoba et finalement la belle province de Québec!). Les photos ci-dessous devraient suffire pour m'identifier.

Mon seul et unique personnage provient de ''The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya'' et se nomme Kyon. Je l'ai joué à Otakon 2007. ... uandme.jpg ... ndGang.jpg ... Camera.jpg

Pour ce qui est de ''la liste'', après 3 minutes de recherche, je ne l'ai pas trouvé, donc je vous prie de m'indiquer où elle se situe si vous vous sentez généreux ;)


Pour plus d'infos, voici tout plein de trucs en anglais que j'ai écris sur d'autres forums ainsi que d'autre patentes à gosse qui seront ajoutés vu que Takatsumaru m'a incité à écrire de quoi de long!

My anime debut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I probably answered this question more times than I could count in anime forums. I could easily answer this shortly, but I love writing, and if I’m to get better at it, why not use it to explain one of the things that I have loved for quite some time now. Here is a more detailed version of my past/present/future interest and its many twists and turns on how I discovered anime and why I’m still hooked. The main themes that guided me would be the world of video games, the almighty television, a nerd of the opposite gender, the slightly communist government, the infinitely vast internet, the good old forums and chat programs, the popular yet infamous peer to peer programs, various books and interests that surround the culture that describes Japan, the huge event which could only be described as a convention, and finally, my personal goals and interests in life. Simply press ‘’play’’ and enjoy the read.

This grand story begins with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It is probably the first place I noticed that a product had been ‘’Made in Japan’’. Video games often tend to cross over to anime material and the opposite happens just as much. I mostly played the games I had possession of at first, so the good old Mario was the only character I could knowingly compare to anything Japanese, even if he didn’t have much detail to show some form of anime like figure. I was around the age of 5 when the NES came into my life and I probably beat Super Mario Bros. more often than anything else I’ve ever had my hands on, except maybe Ninja Turtles 2, which was the other game I had that my father had bought Ô so long ago. Soon, I started meeting other friends who had various NES games and soon discovered many games that today have plenty of anime based upon them. To name a few: The legend of Zelda, Megaman, Final Fantasy, Kirby Dreamland and many more. At some point, video games didn’t really hint me greatly towards my path of anime loving and everything that goes along with loving this ‘’made in Japan’’ trend that I am far from being done with even today. The future still has many unopened doors that I am yet to explore. The next stage to getting me into anime was to be the good old TV.

Much more popular than video games in general, television brought about a mass amount of information for those who tuned in on it. There is a lot of what anyone could want to hear and see, so much actually that most those who watch it have to filter out what they don’t want to see and hopefully find something worth their time. More often than not, in my opinion, the TV has more and more of what I consider extremely annoying: commercials. I personally stopped watching it in 2001 partially because of this. Yet those ads pay for everything that is broadcasted, so I tolerated them, or so I did, way back then. I watched like many other eager kids the Saturday morning cartoons. The oldest cartoon I recall watching was ‘’Les Merveilleuses cites d’or’’ (The Mysterious Cities of Gold) and Astro Boy. I didn’t even know that those were actually made by Japanese people until I was told so by other people quite a few years later. Other titles like Dragon Ball (when he was a kid) and Sailor Moon also created some further pre-interest in a genre I could not name at the time. Then came the moment of no return of what would mould my future. People say that love can move mountains, well I say, it moved me towards anime.

Indeed, my small crush on a girl older than me, more nerd than me and not quite interested in me ended quite a bit in an out of touch relationship when she finally moved to cégep (between High School and University) and greater things. But, one thing remained, the spark that ignited the flame that would grow greater and greater for the following 10 years and beyond. This simple girl, who was learning Japanese and loved to draw manga like characters, started off by discussing about computer problems with my lunch time friends in high school. To make a rather long story short, she was a Megaman X lover, especially with the 4th version, especially fond of a character called Iris, that she used as a screen name everywhere she went on the net. Though I had not much knowledge then in what was the all encompassing internet. This girl talked about various anime and many aspects of Japan that she liked, mostly the video game/manga/anime part of it at least. I still didn’t quite get everything she tossed at me as she was basically light years ahead of what I knew then in terms of the country of the rising sun. Though one thing was solidified, my curiosity had been struck hard for what she taught me. I state that I am a very curious person. The next thing needed to get my interests acknowledged and defined, was a computer that could have the ability of handling internet.

The government clearly had a hand in helping me attain my goal. The main reason being that computers and internet was starting to be a useful tool for school projects made at home and for personal use, thus they created some kind of law that permitted families to have a hefty discount of buying brand new desktop computers to help modernise society. I saw the queue and showed this fact to my father. Lucky for me, he was greatly interested in new gadgets, and our very old and murky PC that couldn’t even have internet work on it (It had 4 megabytes of virtual memory, windows 3.11 and an 80 mb Hard Drive) was more than not out of date. I half dragged the one with monetary power to an electronics store, and we ended up with the second best PC that place had to offer. I was nearly set for my grand entrance upon the limitless world that links everyone together at some degree. A month or two later, we immediately went high speed, happily never having to experience dial up, which I consider this to be a blessing. The girl I met while we stayed in touch showed me the works, and I quickly got to find wallpapers inspired by anime, forums that discussed about anime and a place that had and still has more of anything in it than most places I’ve ever seen: mIRC. Though I didn’t really dwell that much in there and barely got the hang of it. Napster was the next step, while the girl was installing Megaman X4 on my hard drive, as she felt like listening to a good tune while working on getting my pc working and up to date. The first song from Japanese origin, besides my NES, that I ever heard (being that I never had much interest in music before hand much) was Electric Communication, a song from Rockman a.k.a. Megaman’s true title on Japanese soil, or something like that. Then everything went uphill, or downhill, depending on if you consider a positive thing watching lots of anime, while having a few school results not as high as usual. This greater power was called: Kazaa.

Various computer programs and ways to link to each other came to existence before my very eyes quickly in succession, and probably are still optimised, destroyed by various law suits, and re spawned in a blurr that comes and goes on in the world of the World Wide Web. I admit having used them quite a bit at first, but I have lately been atoning for my sins by buying what I really want, at least when I have the money to offer myself this luxury, as anime rarely comes cheap over here. I greatly went about watching whole series in fast succession and probably discovered that it was possible for the human body to stay up and not sleep for more than 24 hours, well, at least for my body to do so, even if it had a few disadvantages to do so. I could name quite a few anime that really got my attention then, but one that I will never forget is the anime series Noir. It mostly got to me because of its seriousness, the depth of mystery and how everything seemed much nicer in terms of quality compared to what I had seen before (and it was suggested by a certain girl). Programs were nice to get what I wanted, but to really find worthy stuff to watch, I needed to find people who knew what was out there. I soon joined an anime discussion forum and suggestions utterly poured in, faster than I could watch them. Eventually, I watched less and less anime, as I had watched most of what was out there in terms of worthy anime. That, studies and work took a good chunk of time away from my interest as well. Through all that, I played a few good RPG video games, the occasional sim date pc game and discovered the summit of where every anime loving person went to: conventions.

By the time I heard about anime conventions, I had read at least three tourist guides of Japan, tried to learn by myself Japanese (which didn’t work due to my lack of personal motivation…sadly) and lurked and read through tons of sites that referred to Japanese culture of all kind. I wanted mostly visit Japan, but money wasn’t pouring down upon me, so I’d have to put that as a rain check of sorts for a future endeavour. Still to this day, I have not put my feet under Japanese soil, but I did end up going to Otakon 2007, and made a few friends that could be called most likely Otaku near where I live. I had heard of that place the first year I discovered anime forums, but never could attend, eternally bound with how much my bank account had stashed within. My studies along the way didn’t go to well, so I took a break in that domain and started earning my way to savings and my very first solo trip. Five months into my not very inspiring job, I finally saw a safe path set before me that lead me promptly, yet with a few bumps, to the second largest anime convention in the United States of America. I met up with anime fans of all kind and considered myself probably very sane and normal compared to a few that I discussed with. The cherry on the cake wasn’t all the anime that I could watch, it was the open minded atmosphere that was felt within all the 26,000 people or so that attended this event. Lots of things took place in the five days I left my home country, but those five days were equivalent to much more than a week of experience in life.

Over half a year went by without much growth in my interest, but I recently made a choice. As of now, I’m trying to enter university to eventually teach English as a second language and eventually attempt to use my acquired skills to direct my path to one particular place: Japan. Though I may not end up doing all that, my other interests and my future will be heightened as I motivate myself back to studying, and strangely, with the thing that first got my grades plummeting: anime, that and my love of writing. On a last note, I hope that one day, anime will be appreciated by the mass public as a medium that can be for all ages and minds, not simply a cartoon that’s made for kids. Thank you for reading.

Et, si vous ne ronflez pas encore, voici une petite liste de anime.

My big list of anime and manga that I've seen or will see

1. Escaflowne (1-26 + movie seen)*

2. Fushigi Yuugi (Episodes 01 to 12 seen)

3. Love Hina (All 26 Episodes + 2 specials seen) (and Love hina again 1 anime seen)

4. Kare Kano (I do not know what it is)

5. Fruits Basket (All 26 Episodes seen)

6. 3X3 Eyes (Episodes 01- 04 seen (only 8 minutes of episode seen (4))

7. Saber Marionette (one day…maybe)

8. Lodoss (Record of Lodoss war) (seen 1st and second season and 2nd full)*

9. PSME (Please Save My Earth, never seen)

10. Rurouni Kenshin (1-28 manga read, samouraï X seen OVA, All of anime)

11. Oh! My Goddess (Anime, Episodes 01- 06 + movie seen: TV 01 – 26 1st season, 01-03 second season)

12. Star Ocean EX (1st season seen + played the game (2nd story) PSX + SOTET on PS2)

13. Les merveilleuses citées d’or (almost seen all)

14. Transformers (a few seasons seen)

15. Trigun (Seen all 26 Episodes)

16. Tenchi Muyo (and in Tokyo and GXP) (Episodes 01-03 and first two movies)

17. Yu-Gi-Oh! (Not really)

18. Pokemon (no thanks) (still 1st, 2nd and a bit of third season seen)

19. Giant Robot (saw all episodes)

20. Bounty Dog (movie, seen)

21. Tokyo Revelations (movie, seen)

22. Orguss 2 (OAV seen, not series)

23. Riot (kind of manga) (seen 1 of 2 manga)

24. Rash (manga, seen two)

25. Shadow Lady (Manga) (read two mangas out of three)

26. Raika (Manga) (not sure if seen one)

27. Sorcerer Hunters (Episodes 01-04 seen)

28. Saiyuki (Episodes 01-03 seen)

29. Tokyo Mew Mew (Episodes 01 - 04 seen)

30. Ninja scroll (Movie, seen)

31. Macross plus (and Zero Episodes 01 to 05) *

32. Ghost in the shell (2 movies + series (Stand Alone Complex Episodes 01 – 26, 2nd Gig Seen Episode 01-26) *

33. Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind (the last 30 min or less missed…)*

34. Spirited away (Movie, seen) *

35. Monster Rancher (Parts of the 1st season seen)

36. Gunnm (all manga read +Gunnm Last Order 1st to 5ft) + 2 video parts seen) *

38. Princess Mononoke (Movie, seen) *

39. Vampire Hunter D:Bloodlust (Movie, seen)

40. Gunsmith Cats (Read all manga, but not anime...)

41. Kimagure Orange Road (manga and “anime” (not seen anime)?)

42. Fly (manga, read all or most + the end)

43. Gundam Wing + endless waltz (seen all, first full anime, liked) *

44. Sailor Moon (seasons 01 - 03 anime seen + most of manga and Sailor V read)

45. Dragon ball (all… except GT in manga, a few anime)

46. Ranma ½ (Nearly all, very funny (re-read 01-20 plus others)

47. Noir (series, seen 01-26, my all time fave!!!) *

48. Angelic Layer (anime, seen all)

49. Card Captor Sakura (All 70 Episodes + 2 movies seen) *

50. Digimon (seen parts of first season, second and third)

51. Slayers (With Linna Invers) (many movies seen+all series + OVA’s)*

52. Neon Genesis Evangelion (All 26 Episodes seen, liked a bit but weird) *

53. Hunter X Hunter (seen all anime up to episode 15)

54. Inu Yasha (Episodes 01 – 24 seen out of 167...too much)

55. Candidate for Goddess (Episodes 01 - 13 seen)

56. Final Fantasy Unlimited (Episodes 01-08? seen)

57. Angel Heart (Manga, read the first two)

58. City Hunter (Manga, read most of them + the end, quite a few anime)

59. Fatal Fury (movies, seen all three)

60. Shaman King (1-15 manga read)

61. Naruto (manga at least first 5 volumes, anime seen 01-14, good so far xD)

62. La Blue girl (1, 3, 4, 5 and maybe more…)

63. New Angel (only 1st episode seen and not interested)

64. Tales of Eternia (Episodes 01 - 03? seen)

65. Astro boy (when I was young on TV, 1980)

66. Street fighter (alpha + street fighter II the movie) (seen movie)

67. Magic Knights Rayearth (Read all manga + Few of the first anime episodes)

68. Hellsing (Episodes 01-13 anime seen, Ultimate OVA 01-02 Seen, interesting) *

69. Blood: the last vampire (movie, seen)

70. Death stalker’s revenge (anime, seen)

71. Read of Die (anime, seen three parts OVA, see 139)*

72. Full Moon Wo Sagashite (Episodes 01-29 seen)

73. Utena revolutionary girl (a few anime + strange movie seen)

74. Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (Episodes 01- 16? Anime seen or more)

75. D.N. Angel (Episodes 01 – 26 seen, for girls, but what the heck, L.O.V.E.D.)*

76. Armitage III: Dual Matrix (to see or not to see, car races + plots…other movies exist)

77. Blue seed (Episodes 01 and “02”? seen)

78. Ayashi no Ceres (mystery) (Episodes 01-21 minus 13, 15, 16 seen)

79. Chobits (Episodes 01-26 seen)

80. Cowboy Bebop (Seen episodes 01 to 26 very sad ending…not liked) (Movie after episode 22: seen and like a bit) *

81. Excel Saga (Seen episodes 01 to 26, HILARIOUS)*

82. GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) (Seen 01-11, interesting) (never seen manga)

83. I wish you were here – Zaion (never heard of)

84. Iria (Heard of once)

85. Laputa castle in the sky (movie, seen) *

86. Millennium Actress (lovely story) *

87. Nadia (seen first episode, maybe one day)

88. Nuku Nuku Dash (Have seen 1st episode, link is the TV series)

89. One piece (never seen)

90. Saber Marionette J to X (to see?)

91. Saint Seiya (old…not to see)

92. Sakura Wars (Episode 01 - 25 seen, good show XD)

93. Sakura diaries (seen episodes 02 and 04, a tniy bit hentai)

94. Southern Cross (???)

95. Wild Arms (not seen, is recommended by Leharl)

96. X (seen and kind of liked + movie(less liked, but seen))

97. You’re Under Arrest TV (see episode 01-28? going to see more soon)

98. Ronin Warriors (Episodes 1-15? seen)

99. Gasaraki (Seen Episodes 01-25, delving into it, good or bad?)

100. Golden Boy (Episodes 01-06 seen)

101. Kanon (looks calm, no seen yet)

102. Perfect Blue (movie…psychological trauma, seen)

103. El Hazard (not seen but so many seasons…)

104. Hand Maid May (4th episode seen, too weird…)

105. Legend of basara (heard of manga…too not my kind)

106. Metropolis (new update of old anime of Tazuka, seen, not bad, but still old)

107. .Hack//sign (role playing anime, episodes 01 to 26 seen except 16, read it instead) (Music is similar to the anime Noir)

108. .Hack//Dusk (Episode(s) 01 - 12 seen, last 2 in Spanish...)

109. Yami No Matsuei (Policier…noirceur…morts qui servent d’autres…?)

110. RahXephon (Anime episodes 01 – 26)

111. Wolf’s rain (Seen episodes 01 – 26)*

112. Witch Hunter Robin (Seen 1-26 and like quite a lot, except boring ending)

113. FLCL (Fooly Cooly, episodes 1- 6 seen, very very funny)

114. Jin-Roh (anime movie, liked a tiny bit)

115. Grave of the Fireflies (another Miyazaki great movie, so so sad) *

116. Hikaru No Go (Episodes 1-2, nah)

117. Chrno Crusade (Episodes 1-24, good story, but still for young kids till episode 13...)

118. Girls Bravo (Episode 2, funny harem style anime)

119. Last Exile (seen all, nice, funny, makes me think of escaflowne at first,but then still Emillmeman...) *

120. Full Metal Panic (seen about all of the first season)

121. Landlock (seen a while ago, seemed nice then)

122. Porco Rosso (Another Hayao Miyazaki film, for whole family ;))

123. Haibane Renmei (seen episode 01 – 13, strange....weird...will watch till the end!!!) *

124. Serial Experiment Lain (seen 01-13, strange, eerie, freaky, void ness, but good) *

125. Boogiepop Phantom (seen episodes 01-02 weirder than weird)

126. Only Yesterday (another one of Hayao’s movies ;)) *

127. Fullmetal Alchemist (seen 1-51 plus movie, very nice) *

128. Paranoia Agent (seen 01 – 13, great anime!)

129. Tenshi na Konamaiki (seen 01 – 48, love it, but missing something)

130. Battle Athletes victory (seen 01 and I might watch on)

131. Fafner of the blue sky (Episodes 01 – 14 + ending seen, loved mostly near the end)*

132. Galaxy Angel (Episodes 01 – 02 seen, comedy similar to Tokyo mew mew)

133. Dirty Pair Flash (Episode 01 seen, comedy, sexy)

134. Tenshi ni Narumon (Episode 01, weird comedy...too weird)

135. Howl’s Moving Castle (Another Hayao movie, not as good as others)

136. Elfen Lied (Episode 01 – 14, gory, but love it quite a bit)*

137. Steamboy (same author as Akira, not bad)

138. Kino's Journey (seen episodes 01- 08 I think, not bad but…)

139. R.O.D. (anime series 01-26 + OVA 01-03 seen, ADORED, mixed up with R.O.D. at 71)*

140. Video Girl Ai (Seen OVA 01-06, liked a bit)

141. Mai – Hime (Seen 01 – 26, me like, like yup!)

142. MADLAX (seen Episodes 01-26, made by Noir people XD)

143. AIR (Seen Episode 01-13, strange, humor, romance, might have more)

144. Infinite Ryvius

145. Paradise Kiss (L.O.V.E.D., but not for any kind of person)

146. Honey and Clover (Seen episode 1-11 I think, liking, top 10 of animenewsnetwork)

147. Mai – Otome (seen 01-26, me liked just a bit, yup. OAV EXISTS?!?!?)

148. Tsubasa Chronicle (Seen episode 01, CCS sequel maybe???)

149. Shakugan no Shana (Seen episodes 01-24, good so far…triangle love. Movie seen, retelling of first arc of series, about to watch season 2 )

150. xxxHOLiC (Seen episode 01-07, from CLAMP :P)

151. Bleach (Watched episode 01-91 and read first 5 mangas)

153. NaNa (Seen episode 01-47, goody XD, but a tad too much emo, still liked, ends well, sorta)

154. Ouran School Host Club (Seen Episodes 01-26, girly, funny, worthy! Want MORE!!)

155. .Hack//Roots (Seen episode 01-26, interesting yet slow to start) (Seen .Hack//GU trilogy OVA as well)

156. Blood+ (Seen 01-50, sequel to blood the last vampire)

157. High School Girls (Seen 01-12, funny, ecchi)

158. Aquarian Age (Seen 01-03, strange, very strange, not interesting)

159. Samurai Deeper Kyo (Episode 01 seen)

160. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Seen 01-14, strange, alien. Esperlike and time travelingesque, interesting none the less)
161. Eureka 7 (Seen 01-50, Len from AO said it was good, I say it’s great!)

162. Trinity Blood (Seen NONE, made by the same guys as Hellsing, nuf said)

163. Gedo Senki (find English title, it does exist, just didn’t feel like adding, this is a top priority find as it’s made by the son of Hayao Miyasaki!!!)*

164. Gankutsuou (The count of Monte Christo, Seen Episodes 01-24, unspeakable beauty)*

165. Magical Shopping Arcade (Seen 01-13, twas fun, though strange ending!)

166. Mushi-Shi (Seen 01-04, special to say the least)

167. Le Chevalier d’Eon (Seen 01-12, historical, horror, good :P )

168. Coyote Ragtime Show (Seen Episode 01-02 xD)

169. Sumomomo Momomo (gonna watch soon)

170. Rozen Maiden (looks interesting)

171. Noein - to your other self (not seen yet, but interesting)

172. Freedom (Seen 01-06, started not bad, a bit simple minded, but still carries a message)

173. Brain Powered

174. Gilgamesh

175. Ghost Talker's Daydream

176. Peacemaker (seen 01-24, still watching)

177. Now and then, Here and there (Seen most of it, great)

178. Samurai Champloo (Seen 1-26, hip hop style funny, serious nice anime xD)

179. Death Note (Seen 01-33, interesting so far, DAMN!!!)

180. Akira (Seen movie, something never to miss out on)*

181. Ergo Proxy (Seen 01-11, interesting tid bits, the plot is elusive in the first episodes)

182. Samurai 7 (Seen 01-14, good so far!)

183. Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad (Seen 01-26, music group based anime, not based from the group called Beck. Damn good show and music!!!)
184. Kasimi “Girl Meets Girl” (Seen 01-13, special)

185. Witchblade (Seen 01-02, starts off quite slow and with not that much content)

186. Black Lagoon (Seen 01-24, very very interesting, though bloody at times, it blew me away)*

187. Initial D: Fourth Stage (Seen 01-24, nice car show) (First stage 01-14 seen)

188. He is my master (Seen 01-12, funny, maid story, yet, incomplete in terms of satisfaction)

189. Demonslayer Asagi (suggested by storm)

190. Erementar Gerad (Seen 01-26, not bad, but a bit standard in terms of series…)

191. Arcade Gamer Fubuki (Seen all OVA and extra stage, strange, but funny)

192. The girl who leapt through time (Very nice story)

193. Paprika (very good movie from same author of Perfect Blue)

194. Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei (Seen 01-09, nice light comedy, tons of anime references hidden)

195. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Seen 01-10, freaky, crazy, but keepin’ on watchin’)

196. His and her Circumstances (Seen 01-09, another love story, might be good though)

197. School Rumble (Seen 01- , humour based, not too bad)

198. Lucky Star (Seen 01-19, school girl series with lots of anime references, ultimate otaku)

199. Rosario + Vampire (Seen 01-06, cutsty highschool paranormal school comedy series)

200. Macross Frontier (Seen 01-14, has potential, nice graphics, only time will tell)

201. Karas (Want to see)

202. Penguin Girl (wacky cosplay à la too strange and seems fun)

203. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Seen 01-03, made by same guys as FLCL, nuf said ^^)

204. Welcome to N.H.K. (Seen 01-24, interesting and hilarious)

205. Chiko, Heiress of the Phantom Thief (Seen 01-12, detective work with some elements reminiscent of D.N. Angel, and yet not at the same time. Good so far)

206. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Seen 01-09, who knows how this will be)

207. Mahō Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora (Seen 01-01, interesting, calm)
208. Someday's Dreamers (The original of Maho Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto I think, wanna see)

Seen about 182 of 208 series/movies completely or partially.

Seen about 116 of at least one season/movie per series/movie completely.

My seen all/partially is based off of my ANN statistics that I keep up to date.

Seen 2890 anime episodes in total (movies counted for 4 episodes each)
Seen 1.1306729264475743348982785602504 episodes per day since 2001.
An episode being approximately 24 minutes in general.
69 360 minutes, 1156 hours or 48,166666666 days of anime.
Passed 27,1351502 minutes per day watching anime since June 2001 to June 2008.

June 2001 to June 2008 = 7 years (2556 days)

Bref, normalement y'a de la couleur, mais faire copier/coller ici enlève tous les codes, ainsi que les liens pour chaque anime.

Vu qu'il y a encore de la place, voici autre chose, un peu de poésie (de ma propre invention depuis environ 7 ans):

After a moment of silence, here starts the poems I've said I'd do or whatever my writings may be called.

Tonight, I've finally seen a movie I've wanted to see for a very long time. It's not anime but it touched me deeply and made me think about love so you guessed it, I'm going to write about love for my first topic, what comes after depends on what happens next.
Thoughts of completion

A love as foul as a hollow love,
Thinking of survival and not of another.

Thinking of joy in the arms of another,
Letting go of all the pains of the past and seeing life once more.

Young moralities discovering new things,
Moving and learning with growing curiosity.

Greed and wealth bringing destruction to all,
Preferring shining gold to a beautiful civilisation.

Fantasies that grow within everyone,
Shown by others to help lost souls find new meanings to the word love...

I wrote this just now thinking about what I've seen in the movie "Anna and the king". The first part made its way in because some people must love another to save others or simply please the people around them. The second part relates to people who finally let go of the past and go on with their lives at their fullest. the third part describes a child learning new things. The fourth is about people who want to dominate others and get richer instead of making a good relationship with others. The last part is what made me think the most. In the relationship between Ann and the king, I saw some kind of fantasy slowly growing between them and it made Anna accept her past and move on. When they danced for the second time, it really made me think.
My next thingy will be inspired by a feeling of "hurry ness"(meaning being in a hurry for anything).

Fast Temptation

Looking back on the time of day,
When the sun rose as my eyes opened suddenly.

My thoughts were running wild with ideas,
Of the things to do now and for later on.

The environment near me was of no importance,
Things to do kept me occupied day and night.

The next morning the same ideas put differently,
Rushes through me as the daylight appears in my vision.

All turns and turns every place I go,
No one can stop and neither can I.

As time passes in my life,
Nothing can take me away from my overflowing thoughts.

My abilities diminish as I grew older,
But my routine kept me going on and on.

Finally one day I just couldn't keep up,
I saw daylight for the last time as my eyes would barely open to see my life ending...

That's what I call fast inspiration, meaning i made it as I wrote it. Also because I am in some kind of hurry and it can describe me a tiny bit but in another way, I don't overdo anything, but I always want to do too many things at once so I sometimes neglect things at times.
Darkening peace

Engraving minds following dreams of the past,
Doing what they must as do programmed machines.

Having no past nor future,
Lonely the present shows them the way.

Games of high people destroying the lives of all,
Killing uselessly and without discernment.

Some decide to change things and try to make things better,
But the high up people discards this species of people to keep their power.

Forever and beyond the story repeats itself,
Will there ever be an end to all this slaughter?

This is inspired by the anime series "Noir" that I watched a while back. I liked the story because it was surrounded by mystery and there was a special darkness filling everyone that was unique. Soldat, the organisation filled with total mystery inspired a few times my nickname and it is my present one for this forum.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------One of all

To desire one thing erases all that is around,
Nothing is left but the wish to have that one thing.

Things that we care about are precious and should be taken car of,
But looking at one thing and neglecting everything else could be dangerous.

Imagine yourself staring at a precise point of the universe,
That point may be wonderful except you may miss an even greater point if you only stare at that area.

Life is the same in every way,
Doing one thing and not finishing another can cause consequences.

Caring about one person and loving this person to the fullest,
But forgetting to listen to her desires can spell disaster.

Finally of all that is and all that can be,
Work often comes before fun.

Work and fun inspired me for this "Thingy" and now I'm off to do one of them.

Shouting out loud your brief desires,
Not looking at the past just going in a strait line.

Working in the daytime and playing at night time,
Dreaming of a rest and looking back at great moments.

Growing old but not till the end,
Always wanting to stay young and healthy meaning eternity.

Having great moments followed by not so great,
Asking girls out and sometimes getting into trouble.

Building a best place for relaxing moments,
Searching on and on as time flies.

Laying on the ground and letting everything go,
Closing your eyes on priorities.

Soothing to stop one moment,
Breathing as long as time allows.

Closing your mind and body to reality to sit back,
Enjoying the smallest moments.

No longer getting worried,
Making dreams come true.

Seeing a light glowing more and more,
The last breath taking its end.

Mystery taking its time,
Life has ended...

This IS inspired by spontaneous thoughts and by an example of the life of anyone. At one point you may recognise (not sure how it's spelled) the "BEST PLACE" from Shaman King. Now I'm off and that's it for tonight.


When life goes well,
When all becomes clear.

Life becomes bearable,
Showing light in darkness.

Good moments come,
Bad ones never disappear.

Kindness engages relationships,
Sociable ness gives things to think about.

Truthfulness fulfills,
Forgetting the truth engages confusion.

Discovering reality of life,
Loosing hope.

Holding on to ambitions,
Grappling dreams with no ends.

Free falling,
And getting back up once more...
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'s everywhere. I especially get it from the people I meet.
Let's see if I can get one now, but I warn you, I never really did a poem that rhymed before and I don't think it'll happen any time soon...

Far away

Alone is to be,
To Forget is forever.

Looking in your eyes,
Feeling your soul becoming fog.

Excavating your mind,
Revolving in the distance.

Growing tides releasing it's strain,
Weeping the past from another time.

Regretting what has happened,
Is all that can be remembered.

Saying goodbye to your love,
The one that is far away.

My mind has been for the last two days on the series Noir and if you want inspiration on darkness, Noir is a must! Here is a challenge I put for myself, the first one that will rhyme…with a whole bunch of “e” sounds and anything that come to mind.


Holy realm that sets us free,
Cruelty that lets us be.
Falsity ruling the obscenity,
Eternally disposing of reality.

Harmony inside controversy,
Slowly falling in misery.
Watery eyes no less guilty,
Nervously staring furtively.

Endless words of no intentions,
The void feeding from true darkness.
Live and die by your actions,
Cry so high as you can try.

I've seen other dark series but Noir is hard to beat in my opinion even though Neon Genesis Evangelion isn't bad either.
A poem can be made in a fraction of a second or take a lifetime.


Happiness in one single move,
So unpredictable and yet so loved.

Beneath that face can hide great plots,
Plots of conquest and plots of destruction.

Many are subdued by its angelic appearance,
They finish as slaves of despair to smiling gods.

The only way to escape this expression,
Is to frown back and take out your tongue.

Full of oozing saliva dripping down off the ground,
Will surely dispel the curse upon you.

For now you know the forbidden secret,
A smile is your doom but saliva is your saviour.

It may have no meaning what so ever but that is what was on my mind just a few moments ago...


As small as it may be,
It is huge in what all can do in that moment.

Short things not long,
Happening in all existence.

Initiatives in action,
Readying a thought in your mind.

Senses receiving information,
Nerves that are yet to transmit its signification.

Small yet huge as it is,
It is only a measure made by man.

As love may be what is greatest,
Why should hate be left behind?

One may seem well alone,
But one can't go without the other.

Days can seem so beautiful,
At any moment could just go out in the rain.

As fair and fond may we be of love,
Hate will follow even if but for a short time.

Living forever in love forever more,
Can be hateful at times just to spice up one's life.

For a monotone of white on every picture,
Black can give to white another meaning to be.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Who would have believed I'd watch something like "return to never land» at the age of eighteen. Well I just did and I noticed that it had been a pretty long time since I hadn't seen a nice ending, let's say that the anime I've seen don't end as "well". Another thing came to my attention, lately I have been writing things that aren't truly pure of heart. They are not as I'd really want them to be. Darkness seems to always seek its teeth into them but now I've just got a boost from watching something of simple thought and I hope that now I'll write something nice for all the people who are simple of heart.


When sadness fills your eyes full of tears,
One thing can cheer you up.

The faith that someday all will be better,
The hope of peace and happiness that will some day fill our hearts of joy.

When hopelessness grasps you deeper than ever,
One thing can bring back the spark of hope.

The faith of believing in others you trust,
The desire to make it through anything.

When happiness seems to just leap out of reach,
One thing will surely mark a smile back on your face.

The faith of childish games taking part in your life,
The times you try new experiences greater than ever before.

But when love leaves every inch of your body,
Only one thing can show you true resurrection.

The faith of the one and only thing in your life,
And that special thing is faith in yourself to keep on going no matter what.

I will let this be read by all and I, on my side will try to find more things that will not only show me truth in reality, but the fantasy that exists in our hearts.
What made me write in the past was the love of a person which I hadn't experienced before. Bad times also feed my thoughts but I never lost myself in these moments. I mostly put all I couldn't express in words that I poured on this forum

For the inspiration, here goes nothing:

Lone games

Linking words of many meanings,
Resolving puzzles of all kinds.

Moving along uncertain paths,
Meeting others not quite as yourself.

Shifting and blinking at singular moments,
Despair and fear buried within your being.

Allies crumbling and enemies strengthening,
Defending your cause with no remorse.

Loved ones near by yet not accessible,
Dying at times and from time to time,
returning altered in a gruesome manner.

Finally reaching an end of rejoice,
Falling back at what plunges you ever deeper....

Try to guess from what I was inspired to write this from. The only clue is that someone wrote about the company who created this game in the past posts.

Now I remember how I wrote about all the past things, by reading and being inspired of what people wrote on my first writing and letting everything go. All thanks to OdysseanPromise who helped me remember that little thing which permits me to write on and on. The answer for what I wrote later on or else tomorrow at the latest.

The answer to my writing is : Resident Evil

Écrits en français!!!

Ceci a été écrit dans un autobus voyageur pendant un grand voyage. Ça m’avait pris une heure pour tout écrire. Je n’ai rien édité et mes pensés se déversaient sur le papier donc les phrases et leurs significations seront parfois difficiles (mes 15 ans environ)


Tout ce qu’il y a de plus beau. Ce mot si simple mais si complexe en sa propre et mystérieuse forme. Aucunes forces de la nature ne peuvent s’y comparer. Il n’y a rien qui peut s’y opposer, ni l’autrui ni la mort elle-même. L’amitié est tout ce qui est bien. Si vous l’opposez, vous perdrez, si vous l’encouragez, elle ne saura que faire du bien. Elle est gratuite et sans attaches. Tous la veulent sauf ceux qui la connaissent et l’ignorent. Si vous y tenez suffisamment, l’amitié se développera et deviendra amour, mais cela est une autre histoire…

Les temps changent et ma façon de penser se développe. Elle est la même sauf plus pensée et plus complexe. Voici la suite que j’ai écris immédiatement après.


Pourquoi parler d’amour quand l’amour n’est qu’une des plusieurs facettes de l’amitié ? Car c’est tellement plus simple à expliquer. L’amour est le contraire de tout ce qui est vrai [1]. Ce n’est qu’une phase soit passagère à court terme ou à long terme. Elle ne peut être éternelle. Tu peux aimer une personne comme un ami pour l’éternité mais l’amour va et vient. Elle peut vous sembler aussi solide que le béton, mais devenir sable aussitôt. L’interprétation de l’amitié et de sa fille [2] sans âge, l’amour, ne viennent que de mon cœur et non de ma tête. Vérité devenue fantaisie, ne peut que redevenir vérité.

Vérité et Fantaisie

La vérité et la fantaisie ne font qu’un. L’une est logique, l’autre est tout ce qui peut être. Ce qui est vrai, peut être fantaisie lorsqu’on rêve, éveillé ou non. Car l’imagination est vérité et fantaisie. Quand quelqu’un dit la vérité, certains la croient et certains non. Quand quelqu’un dit une fantaisie, certains le croient et certains non. La fantaisie et la vérité ne font qu’un. La fantaisie est l’imagination et la logique, car l’être peut penser. Plus profond que l’amitié, plus complexe que l’amour et plus imaginaire que la vérité et la fantaisie. La vie surmonte tout.

Tout ce que je vis est écrit en mots. Je ne peux pas tout expliquer mais je fais de mon mieux.

La vie

Profond comme ça l’est, la vie n’est qu’une partie infiniment plus petite que la mort. Car après la vie, qui dure que quelques jours pour certains insectes et quelques siècles pour certaines plantes. Mais la mort est tellement plus longue que la vie. La vie est au début qu’un début, après, elle devient enfant et elle interagit avec d’autres vies. Plus loin encore, si le temps le permet, la vie devient la connaissance éternelle de tout ce qui a existé. Finalement, la vie devient la mort. Mais qu’est-ce que ce mot qui fait si peur à ceux qui ne l’acceptent pas. Car elle est inévitable.

Des personnes qui ont lu ce prochain écrit ont crus que la mort m’intéressait trop, mais en réalité, je ne fais que n’en parler comme n’importe quel autre sujet.

La mort

Après la vie, vient la mort, mystérieuse et n’est pas accepté de plusieurs d’entre nous. Parfois elle vient quand la vie est à sa fin. Mais parfois, elle se montre quand l’on ne s’attend pas. Elle se manifeste aussi lorsqu’une personne la veut et qu’elle croit que la vie n’est plus de son côté. La mort, personne ne sait vraiment ce qui se passe après avoir fini sa vie. On sait que son corps devient inanimé, mais que devient et où va cette vie d’une grande importance vitale à l’histoire de son vécu. Certains ont des hypothèses très intéressantes. Mais une seule attire mon attention, l’esprit humain.

Ok, il n’en reste que deux mais c’est bien long pour tout entrer. Je vous présente un aspect important que pour moi rattache tout.

L’esprit humain

Mais qu’est-ce que l’esprit humain ? Une âme qui selon ses croyances ira soit au paradis, sois en enfer, sois mourir et disparaître à tout jamais ou se réincarner en un autre ou similaire être de la nature. Nul ne le sait. Moi-même j’aurais une attirance vers la réincarnation car la mort n’est pas près de mes désirs. Mais je m’interroge sur la vie, vous le faites sûrement aussi. Vous, avez le choix de laisser votre vie passer tel qu’elle et s’attendre que votre esprit, si vous y croyez, d’aller vers un monde meilleur ou sinon croire à rien et de laisser votre vie passer comme la mort et de se perdre à tout jamais dans le temps.

Le temps s’achève et je termine mon texte avec des paroles non terminés…

Le temps

Encore plus long que la mort et la vie combinée, le temps n’a pas de fin. L’amitié a un début mais n’a pas de fin, l’amour a un début et une fin, la vérité et la fantaisie ne sont que de brefs moments avec un début et une fin, la vie a un début, mais aussi une fin, la mort débute après la vie, mais n’a pas de fin [3], l’esprit humain n’est qu’une hypothèse proposée par l’homme, mais le temps est…

À suivre….si je trouve un sujet intéressant…

Back to English

A start from the end

Moving accross lonely paths,
No longer truth with all surroundings.
Figures not unknown dancing about,
Hypnotic figures familiar to you.

Moving further upon a stepping stone,
Even thoughts of true perseverance.
The light is upon you in all existances,
Darkness lurks in the shallows still.

Moving no longer from the bottom,
Positively and enthousiastically.
A journey at its end is often the omega,
Yet this final step is the greatest of all...

Wrote for Loreena

Open heart

Seeking redemption without ones self,
Turning to all for eternal forgiveness.

Opening up without a doubt,
A doubt that would take my true self away.

Favouring speech rather than remaining closed,
Greeting all that are the same.

Shining brighter no matter what,
Showing a spark of hope to any who are willing.

For my heart is open,
Glaring before all.

Wrote for Dave
On AO for someone who did my sig:

Fairy tale

Upon a day I see the world,
In red, in orange, in purple as well.

Eerie lights flash beyond my sight,
A beauty of colors shines before me.

Wings make her fly beyond the stars,
Just as in the fairy tales that she inspires...

Hmmm...not exactly a thank you writing...I'll try again*brain blows up*:


Lurking above the rest,
The leader shows her talent.

Working hard to please the masses,
Going beyond the limits to make it reality.

Finally the piece at hand complete,
Hikari's name forever inscribed below her masterpiece...
I met for a brief time a girl on a bus who defended me of her own accord, we met 3 times, but it was not meant to last. Here is all that remains.

A girl saw within

I drink endlessly upon a flood of ideas,
Mending my body to rely only upon its own.
I trap feelings that respond to others,
Having none for me to create.

Yet I seek out the truth on my endless journey,
Every new experience makes me stronger.
I overcome the difficulties of life on every corner,
Creating milestones on which to build upon.

Eventually I attain my goals that had been desired,
The reasons in which by beliefs are founded.
I walk proud of my achievements,
None the less I still ponder eternally upon my fate.

To feel or truly understand a meaning,
Never attainable at many occasions.
As simple as may be something,
Neutralilty in it rarily happens.

Feelings expressed towards others,
Entwined they are within their expression.
Often misconceptions are created by interpretations,
Disagrements follow within a discussion.

Upon another light of this momentum,
When people try to know the truth.
Minds collide to find themselves numb,
In front of what remains a place of doubt absolute.

Upon my leap inside this place,
Nostalgia comes forth strongly.
Within this place remains the same,
Same old place that brings true joy.
Feelings mixed within my mind,
Burst out to offer my joy to all.

Inside a nutshell I come forth,
Expressing without hidden thoughts no not ever.
Every step forward I renew my becoming,
Only to dissapear again once more.
To show gratitude evermore,
Brings me back to this old place.

Surrounded by many who are similar,
Cosy and warm they make me feel.
Eerie and strange some may be,
But so am I when fatigue comes to me.
I close this window of inspiration right here,
To come back again another day.

Inherit to monotonony,
Produced by the mind.
Growing forward in a litany,
Of moments left behind.

Abstract it may seem,
To exist within its limits.
To notice it we deem,
Perfectly timed it well fits.

Longing to adjust our lives,
We fade away before our time.

Our notion certanly survives,
Of our existance which we mime.

Revolved upon a single reason,
Life remains untouched by treason.
Opposing forces combine willing.
Meeting each other forever destruction.

Harnessed in a single will to exist,
Brought about by an endless list.
Encompassing within all that is living,
Existing or not there is no distinction.

Bewildered within a signle mind,
We all remain a step behind.
Moving along what may be threatening,
Realising the inexistance imperfection.

Beyond words of all meanings
Beyond the lands that are comfortable
Beyond the life that is my own
I search for who I am
I search for the world that I am part of
I search desperately a path to follow
Behind those endless cliffs
Behind those faithfull curtains
Behind the eyes in the mirror before me
I run accross an endless grassland
I run acrross the thoughts within
I run within the me that is lost
Returning to that faithfull day
Returning to the past long gone
Returning in a life unchanged
I ponder about those around me
I ponder about my closest friends
I ponder endlessly in myself
Letting go I must do
Letting go is my goal
Letting go without a doubt
Evading the inevitable
Evading the breaking point
Evading my true self
I try to make my stand
I try to create a difference
I try harder than ever before
Soon the time will come
Soon the life I desire will set in
Soon me desires will be true
I look straight ahead
I look up in front of me
I look at myself
Fading words

Shadows lurk about the land,
They are not to be misguided.
Life shudders as it is restrained,
Not knowing where to exist.
Fallen before its greatest challenge,
Dissipating under eternal regret.

Dividing ever more life sparks anew,
Searching for a beacon to grasp upon.
A torch fuelled by its existence,
Moves about not yet dismissed.
Shining brightly it shows the way,
Salvation is upon its stand.

Upon a mount of greater rage,
Its soul mourns past defeats.
Elements that bind it and combine,
The light grows stronger even more.
Lastly set on another standing point,
It won't forget what it has learned.

Once again I am inspired from a story which I could not partake…

Ashen Earth…

Endeavors to be unlike any other,
Simple none the less to begin the journey.
Hard may it be to remain on its path,
Finding the key to remain even more.
Search for it you must as it won't come on its own,
Accept yourself and it shall be revealed.

Along the road met you shall,
Many good times where joy remains.
Saddness may visit from time to time,
But nothing is eternal upon this path.
Renewing your direction is but a basic step,
Upon finding what is truly desired.

When despair becomes even clearer,
The true path remains hidden away.
As time seems to end before your very eyes,
You cannot find what you so yearn for.
But as you go beyond your feelings and get back up,
Happyness tends a hand to help you back up again.

Weeping upon a lost cause,
Breaking down as time further passes.
Getting angry of simple facts,
Fighting over meaningless discussions.
Distorting your habbit,
Letting go of sane ideas.

Falling into a state of mind,
Difficult to explain while affected so.
Barely thoughts linger about,
Expressing lost meanings of no reason.
Releasing the strain of the day,
Freeing the mind of inner stress.

finally reacting logically,
Concentrating upon a single task.
Mending the harm that was once,
Ties that bind those involved grow stronger,
Misunderstandings breaking away,
Resting the mind that sleep has taken away...
Life undone

Confused and forgotten,
One lays in utter silence.
Ignored are his desires,
Punished are his actions.
Not wanting to be helped,
Unable to be comforted.

Drowning in misery,
Loosing against himself.
Reason leaving his body,
Stories invented out of the fray.
Lost in all of his thoughts,
Which pass too fast to comprehend.

Still I try to help,
To give an offering hand.
To bring back a sense of calm,
And rest his soul anew.
I finally reach him to follow,
To try to find a path to himself.

Yet still there seems no hope,
He remains in doubt of things.
Not trusting others that they may help,
Going on in life not completely healed.
To confront one self is never easy,
As if you fail life is undone...

Note: Yesterday, my father could no longer bare his stress in life, he could no longer endure himself, many had lost hope in him at that moment. I greeted him and confronted him calmly. He's now in hospital, hopefully still calm and hopefully accepting help.

Note: Yesterday, my father could no longer bare his stress in life, he could no longer endure himself, many had lost hope in him at that moment. I greeted him and confronted him calmly. He's now in hospital, hopefully still calm and hopefully accepting help.
Hey my friend

Saying hello every now and then,
Popping up when time is on your side.
Being there when times are hard,
Having fun anywhere we go.

Looking out for good places to hang,
Learning from each other at every passing.
Turning the page on hard times,
Starting anew with every bump.
Confidence and respect taking its place,
Comfort found in the one we know best.

Taking chances at every turn,
Pushing back the limits to see where they go.
Not going to far and remaining in good terms still,
Making new steps strengthen the relationship.
Lending some time to another and getting to know someone,
Accepting to have someone to be your friend.

Have a nice day all and I'm off to work :P

P.S.: I'm still sick... But feeling better. My dad isn't getting much better, but still think it could change someday. Bye now
Your avatar and signature have inspired me; I hope you enjoy what comes next ;)

Life in joy

Turning around to see the light,
Blossoming, a cherry tree comes to life.
Reminding me of things of old,
Shedding a flow of happy memories.
Kissing the feeling of hope in one's heart,
Thinking again and again of what once was...

Waking up again and seeing the sun rise,
Accepting the rays of sunlight warming one self.
Around and around life spurs itself to show its growth,
Experiencing moments of joy and tears never ending.
Reaching out the endless universe of grouped times,
Where only considering how peace is all.

Trying again to have these times,
Lost inside your personal thoughts.
Loosing sight of the real picture,
Giving up on everything.
Again life comes back to life,
Freedom coming all on its own without a second thought.

Till Next We Meet...

Pondering on a simple thought,
Ever wanting to know the truth.
Realizing evermore that it cannot be reached,
Perfection of one self is eternal.
Understanding is personal,
Expressing what has been learned.

Naked before every passer by,
Eyes showing others who they really are.
Never hiding behind trendy clothes,
Showing what I am and nothing more.
Being direct to anyone who meets me,
Trying to be true to myself.

Forever young in the mind,
Remaining the same in my aspects of life.
Gaining experience with each step of this long journey,
Simply growing from my own mistakes.
But in the end the priceless goal remains,
Helping myself to help those I can...
As time flies by, people are met and people are lost. I try mostly to keep those I meet and offer them the best experience I can out of life. I show them my serious side, my funny side, my true side and whatever comes along the way. When times are rough I try to help, but sometimes I have difficulty in helping when people don't want any. Soon I shall be hard to find in this long summer of 2006. But while I will work none stop, everyone I know will keep me afloat in the long sweaty days. I will stand tall and endure the challenges that lay ahead of me.

For all of AO, you are my breath of fresh air every time I arrive home and need to get away from everything. For the times that will be hard for any of you, I offer this to read and re-read when you won't know where to turn to and not be alone in the harshest of situations. I just hope my inspiration will be up to the task to help I go...!!!

Beyond the bounds

Moving forward in time not back,
Searching the right path that will lead to success.
Reaching out the inner strength to go on no matter what,
Letting go of simple things that offer no comfort.
Taking in the little moments that bring joy,
Profit of these times to find force in desperate situations.

Fearing the darkness that shrouds the mind,
Unknown occasions that show no way out.
Denying help making oneself grow less and less,
Irritated by the world that revolves around you.
Isolation after desolation taking all your time,
Destroying your very being in doing so.

Hope remains in every crevice,
Justice will be served to those who respect themselves and others.
Believing in yourself without a moment of doubt,
Showing light in every corner that is your soul.
Helping yourself and opening yourself to the world,
Creating a bridge where you may return from...

May our paths remain bridged and well made.
May I make it beyond my limits and grow stronger.
May you find new bridges to hold onto.
May life bring hope to those who try.
May joy reach out in every heart.
May hope always be within all our thoughts forevermore…

In short I'll visit every late night probably just for a bit, sometimes when I wake. That is all.

Nighty night AO xD

*Huggles and cuddles and wuddles every lady out there.*

*Simply says good night to all the guys.*

Take Care and Till Next We Meet...


Looking up at the world,
Keeping a smile where all can see.
Some remain hidden behind masks,
Those live their lives with prejudice.
Life remains simple on the outside,
Deep inside nothing is further from the truth.

To show oneself bare without a doubt,
Desiring to show what really exists within.
Touching soul to soul in true comprehension,
Rather than loosing meaning in needless formalities.
Yearning for this unrealistic utopia,
Walking this path as resolved as ever.

Nothing more seems to persist,
Politeness and courtesy do not disappear.
Trying is not enough as change will not come,
Making a difference in this social world inexistent.
Conflicts do not always end well,
Words and actions are not beyond the human nature...

Whatever may come will come,
Life does not end in a breeze of stale air.
Resistance and comprehension used as tools,
Living is the only proof of change.
Gathering a whole of experiences,
Only this is worth the journey.

A single mind amongst the rest,
Attempting to reach out to others.
Using what's learned to its best of use,
Searching eternally those that will listen.
Personal goals seeming small to many,
The only reason of existence to others.

Bringing forth what makes you unique,
Showing the warm skin under that cold facade.
Breathing in the freshness of truth,
Not denying feelings from within.
Living what is your own without a doubt,
Letting everything come out...
Breathing: Chapter 4

Transitions and decisions are made,
Strain weakening slowly the mind.
Going forward none the less,
Entering the eye of the storm.
Calmness taking over,
Turbulence soon maybe to come.

Friends, family and people,
All along the path.
Going about their own lives,
Crossing crossroads from time to time.
Lending a hand when fit it seems to them,
To accept or decline is up to the receiver.

Still things do not stop,
There mustn't be hesitation in what has been decided.
Letting go of certain facts would not be wise,
Creating more confusion in what is to come would follow.
Releasing the strain that is within to go on further,
Taking a deep breath to let it all out...

Quite a bit happened, but not telling ;)

Watched Da Vinci Code, is nearly identical to the book, but I suggest to read more than watch :P
Time: Chapter 5

Gathering evermore momentum,
Compression of events in a single mind.
Restriction of choices partially imposed,
Life doesn't stop as experience is gained.
Time after time there is chaos expanding,
Unattended it will not forgive.

Unknown factors coming into account,
Helping hands that bring a spark of hope.
Others do not always comprehend,
As understanding is never easy.
Motivation leads the way,
Unrelenting as always.

A road ends after so little time,
Unimportant yet present none the less.
Exploration of every direction leading to comprehension,
Complications arising without any stops.
Laying ahead in the mists of time,
Things are remembered and others are lost...

No other comments...can't wait to quit my secondary part time job to get my weekends back, still there till the 18th, then PARTY TIME!! xD
Hmmm, no clue where is chapter 6…
Chapter 7: Lucky Number seven

What is destiny when life does not flow smoothly?
Where does time come into play in this so called intricate orchestration?
Dates and age have no meaning,
And yet I grow when they align.
Blazing ideas that make me go further on,
Lost in the confusion of all around me.

Culminating times where the


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Bon, j'ai manqué de place, GO!!!

Culminating times where the beast should appear,
No signs that he is to come.
Interpretations wronged at every turn,
Only errors may bring results.
Luck has no substance whatsoever,
Winning is only half of the prize.

Never ending grounds that shift under my feet,
Growing thinner or thicker at every step.
A child looking at the sky with innocent eyes,
His thoughts falling upon the idea of freedom.
Still the gap is far far away and out of sight,
The choice has not yet been placed upon...
Kind of late, but I did say I would be since I don't actively have access to the internet Moving soon, very soon, Quebec is soon to party and well, I'm having fun xD

Shadowy light

A shallow meeting full of memories,
Looking back on things unfinished.

Tenderly feeling the warmth and delicacy within,
Streaming out the darkness felt within.
Fragrances of various forms,
Tingling the senses of instinct.
Restraining nothing to show truth,
Showing the under skin of what lies beneath.

Rather direct and striking to the point,
Soft and warm inside.
Tears flowing freely around her features,
Yearning for a bright future.
Gleaming eyes unknown to most,
Attractively present none the less.

Dressed with feelings that shine emotionally,
Wet with everything bursting out.
Gaining an embellishing sense of life,
Feeling compelled to show herself.
Showing one day what truly lies down under,
Born anew with blushing beauty.
Lord of the dance

Revealing whatever may come of it,
Distinguished and proud it may be.
Resentful it is not by far,
Powerful is not enough.
Alarmingly it raises the stakes,
Beyond what man would dare to risk.
Regretfully loosing the comfort of success,
Dashing into the bowels of destiny.
Yearning for more substance,
Loosing sight of the simple act.
Under minding an entire presentation,
Quitting the days where all was already set.
Steps jaunting here and there,
Dancing in a haze of blurring movements.
Accentuating what is the peak of strength,
Leaping to what was unattainable just moments ago.
Special for Raja_Psyche

Words of wisdom flow ongoing,
Back and forth you are ever changing.
Marked by the seasons that fly by,
Created anew with cultures in mind.
Eyes that show various feelings,
Frozen in place after each transformation.


A fragile body that lacks of character,
Carefully crafted by the hand of its creator.
Reaching completion blazing to life,
Self aware it makes its first steps.
Being destroyed as night comes to pass.
The spark of existance fading away,
Releasing a seed to its rebirth.

What you said:
^^the poem that you made, is so captivating. yes it is. *makes me feel like a real doll*


Inner workings gracefully refitted,
Falling apart as time goes by.
Working hard to persevere,
Slowly everything comes along.
A seed at first knitted slowly,
Finally complete and truly free.

Hmmm, not sure if fitting for an end, but I'll be sure to find something more to do eventually, how about you write something in response to what I have offered you, though it is no obligation to do so.

@Maxime: wahehehe *empties the inbox*
thanks for reminding me that my inbox is full... wahehe!!!
wow!!! continuation of your poem for me!!! wow thankies very much. ^^. i liked it!!!

the poem that you created invades my system^^
I love the wording of the poem, because it gives clear description on making a doll as the dollmaker breathes life to it. the poem also, makes it possible to comprehend that the dollmaker makes the doll (me) from nothing into something very special.
Eventually, i would like to suggest... an idea... *if it is alright*... " as the doll maker... continues to create that doll... eventually he falls... in love with it...*
My! Gomen, i just carried myself away...

Wahh... schooling will also invade your system in a few days... (*just like me*)
always take care too^^
Until the next encounter!

(Here goes!!!!!)

Perfection enlightened the man,
Blooming a feeling of desir.
Controlled by what lay inside,
Isolation followed quickly.
The light slowly grew dim,
Eternally bonded to the soul he became.

The world where I reside,
I fly along it as a ride.

Cycling endlessly to a new destination,
We follow each other in total fascination.

Creating new things to do together,
Rejoicing of our time entwined forever.

And yet I am alone in my mind,
To truly understand what lies behind.

A tear of joy passes beyond her figure,
My soul cries out as I cannot linger.

Deep within lies my true beliefs,
Under a tree of many leafs.

Riding once again the endless flow,
I free myself of all that is hallow.
To Aya-kun on AO

Where one lies on the ground,
Another stands tall and looks beyond.
Cheering are the ones atop a mound,
Feeling compelled to further their sound.

Trying not to let go of what is faced,
Others grasp a sense entwined and inlaced.
Tugging harder with each moment braced,
Following suit to go beyond what you raced.

Yielding not to what is forgotten,
A sheep without a sheppard still is a sheep.
Doing what you may at all times,
Laugther being one of your strenghts...

Closed eyes

Insight that holds no catches,
Formalities without a form.
Falling upon a derived world,
Confused of the light that shines so bright.
Eyes peering through a heavy mist,
Glaring at a place she does not know.

A voice talking without a body,
Being observed by nothing at all.
Searching for a path to leave,
Finding a door of many shapes.
Seeing many others like her in this place,
All as confused but none reachable by her presence.

Light came through the small opening,
Curiosity enthralled the women.
Her eyes could see no longer,
Blindness had once again come back.
The world she knew was there anew,
Darkness welcomed her with open arms...

Poetry in blood,
Recklessness towards the audience.
Tears of jade shrapnels,
Hollow soul of complete emptiness.
Ending abrubtly,
Releasing feelings still enchained.

Victory of the singular,
Reason to persevere.
Condemnation of the many,
Interiorisating a firm conviction.
Power left aside,
Seeing the reality in desire.

Hearts of many lay bare,
Needles of confusion all around.
Entering the bowels of life,
Seeing a butterfly pierce the mind.
Meeting the flames of death,
Accepting the fate of the end.
Death of the soul

Hope within a heart beat,
Grasping the light of one's soul.
Yielding to kindness of all around,
Offering a benevolent hand freely.
Joy surpassing the darkness that seems far away.

Cracks suddenly appear,
A dear person no longer gives.
Feeling corroded by her touch,
Relentless is her despair.
A gap between worlds is created.

Splinters accumulate upon various parts,
Growing dimmer by every strike.
A single tear emerges,
Letting it fall and everything else.
Holding on to what is left.

Shining again dreams come to life,
Mind and body showing the delights of going on.
New experiences collide one another,
A chance to regain a lost shard comes forth.
Wondering if life is meant to be lived.

Installed again on the right path,
Walking to what seems brighter than the last.
Drenched in a strange light another comes forth,
A crossroad of many possibilities.
Standing on pebble stones that only wait to fall.

Shattering footsteps crash all about,
Meanings no longer exist.
Faith is lost for half of me,
Weary of darkness of many hearts.
The shadow passes and makes all dark.

Without a sigh or a look back,
Neither confidence nor belief.
Missing the light of the world,
No regret remaining anymore.
Death leaps out and another soul is lost.
Watery eyes

A look upon your life,
The tears that fall freely.
Gracefully you look back,
At the time that are no more.

Hoping for it all to come back,
Blooming about your imagination.
Holding dearly what is most important,
Feeling the doubt fade away.
Awakening to a new world,
Opening your eyes to joy.

Breaking apart all that is wrong,
Chanting the fears away from your ears.
Closing off the word never from your mind,
Tearing away the barriers that were so strong.
Erasing what was once a mistake,
Clearing the way to a new hope.
Racing upon a lasting raceway,
Stoping before what is reality.

Not truly understanding,
Letting things be as they are.
Accepting the world in all its saddness,
Cherishing every moment that is not shallow.
Showing emotion to every event,
Glorifying the day that has begun.
Prancing about what is best,
Filling a half full cup.
Looking at the sky so high...
...Flying freely above the clouds accompanied by the stars.
Tattered thoughts

Wrigglinng about,
We could not remain.
Restless of time and space,
There was no hope.
Restless of the possibilities,
An inserpt of reality took place.

Havoc of a heart,
Boredom in one's mind.
Creeping about without a doubt,
Years, three to be exact, come forth.
Yielding powers of one without thoughts,
Imagination spurting unleashed and resillient.

Covering ears of readily kawaii state,
Retaining a meaning beyond words.
Youth within a hidden place,
Eternally retelling itself.
Strange, abnormal, extraordinarily freakishly and freckled spotted tea spooned,
Anime dwell in the imagination of all...
Fearsome opinions

Erasing a memory that had not existed,
Minding the thoughts that come from others.
Reflecting ideas in an absolute fashion,
Wielding these tools without a shiver.
Yielding not back on your resolve,
Yet accepting reality as it is shown.

Flowing gently across the debate,
Cutting short when something is to be said.
Gauging a potential rival in mist of battle,
Saluting to offer a resolve no less grand.
Self-tutoring an honest attempt,
Waiting for praise to boost a growing resolve.

Falling back on things of facts,
Or merely offering a well pondered opinion.
Not knowing the truth lies beneath us all,
Admitting defeat is but the first step to victory.
Showing passion in what you make,
Demonstrates what you wish to express.

Inspired by the user: Violent
The Gravity...

Of love

Pushed inside a bland universe,
Forfeiting a long journey in life.
Rising above the rest,
That seems no longer important.
Clearing skies seem limitless now,
Survival is no longer an option.

Existing through action,
Believing in yourself.
Taking for granted what is beyond,
Feeling what is in your reach.
Realizing too late the error,
As your actions do have consequences.

Bonding of two similar beings,
One in which is the half of the other.
Further beyond the limitless possibilities,
Nothing can no longer change what is now.
Love has conquered all of who you are,
There is noting more you can do.
It's about time

When things seem just to fade away,
At the peak of total loss.
Reality just hits you in the face,
There isn't a perfect world out there.
Hoping is just not enough sometimes,
Believing and taking action is what counts.

It's about being there when it all takes place,
Without loosing a moment of the present.
Holding onto things that are dear,
Facing a moment of true resurrection.
Light finally shines upon a land,
Covered once by eternal darkness.

It's about time that changes took place,
Only death could come from a certain lack.
Finally things are looking up for the best,
Voids are filling up one after another.
The true meaning of community has arrived,
Sticking together no matter what finally finds its meaning

Note: Listened to "It's about time" from Lilix while composing this none rhyming rhyme, which would be considered a free verse poem. I hope you like it as your part of the "It's about time" in this, the other part is the community that is returning :P

Intricate Motives

Learing about the truth to civility,
Relentless on its path to victory.
Growth in the native ambitions,
Deceptive the glimps in one of many actions.
Wildly motioning the end of the human kind,
Clearly facing a selfing mind.

and even further more:

Sleep tilts toward the moment of the true rest. One must not resist its pull as it is the voice of truth. Not without risks of unfinished works, destiny is continous, no matter the time that it takes to take form. Upon these thoughts, we go on, eternally onward upon the journey in which we are bonded too. Granting life is what makes us whole, death taking something away at each of its apparitions. One must not forget that our death is not the extingusiment of a life, but the end of emotions. True death only brings hope of renewal beyond our beliefs and that is the true resurection of ourselves...good night AO and may you all rest tonight as I shall...calmly and serenly, even if stress is upon us all.

Power Beyond Trust

Tasteless delicacies in an age of wonder,
Endearing flesh within a hand's reach.

Polishing a shoe lace without discernment,
Regulating those desired in an intricate web.

Ecstasy in destruction fills the soul of the lost,
Vengeance a dish never simple for the mind.

Insipid and without any substance it comes,
Eloquently creeping the veins of insanity.

Others seek freedom in the palm of a benefactor,
Freely giving death in exchange for freedom.

Pained, aggressive, incoherent, malice and vile,
True intentions masked by a past impossible to forget.

Light crept clearly in a fashion barely perceivable,
Surprise bluntly placed upon the front stage.

Bittersweet unbecoming which once was harmony,
Hidden inside this harmony lies the bitterest of fruits.

A sad story finally revealed in the deepest of caves,
Desperation upon one of the main characters.

Where fierceness no longer offers adequate motivation,
Understanding the truth becomes a spiralling fight.

No one seeks to be pure in heart as it is insatiable,
Tearing away the insurmountable barrier that is vice.

Blindness of innocence that does not fade away,
Battling to the very end what makes one’s fate worthwhile.

Friendship, respect, fidelity and innocence shattered,
Duel of the morals that bind what makes us human.

Screams multiplying as it comes to understanding,
Trials continue accumulating only to succumb to change.

The meaning of not liking someone deepens and yet remains a void,
Toying of a shadow passing by brings but another tragedy along history.

Hope so small seems appreciated no matter how it may be,
Taking a pause in resolution to greater effects to further develop.

Violating, mutilating, torturing and yet alluring,
Near or far away the nurturing of an innocent child grows into man.

Definitions confused throughout this story and yet they remain clear,
Is there not finality in the dawning of the two last acts?

Good and evil tend to loose their meanings when things are at a close,
One more tear as the never ending flow of sadness erupts to hope.

One can only see happiness after pain and sorrow,
Once again hope is but a means to an end…

Inside the land of fantasy

Gorgeous flowers lead the way,
Where evil is kept at bay.
Generating limitless adventures,
Telling a story of many characters.
Reality loosing its hold in this place,
Deep within lies stories that interlace.

Facing another world with enigma,
Pushing forth a reason to discover.
To breathe life once again in the chaos,
Only organised as much as the mind.
Fallen to another layer of consciousness,
Creating the only place you feel safe.

Countering the fact that all this is a lie,
Will there be no return to utterly defy.
Breaching the reason that made you come,
Letting go of fantasy to truly become.
Journeying to a place of many wonders,
Making a true path of many adventures.

Within a moment of silence,
I walked alone in the snow.
Guiding my steps was my life,
Fading away in the darkness of the night.
Yet a light came upon me, and shined brightly.
Leaving a trace of my journey that has just begun.

I searched on and on for the jewel in the night,
There was nothing to find in the light of the day.
Everything seemed so bright when lit by the eternal sphere,
The obscurity showing bare what truly was there.
Upon the second night, there was one who radiated,
I gazed upon it, attracted by its luminescence.
Loosing sight of my path, I neared my first hope.

At first I dreamed of what was to be the one,
Yielding nothing more than fantasy in reality.
Slowly transcending the imaginary,
I finally fell upon this golden chance to glory.
There was a certain calling from where she stood,
Upon a higher ground did she seem to my being.
The curtains fell as I finally neared my desires.

Colors that made me hallucinate in admiration,
Reason in utter delusion before this coloration.
Trying to make out the best aspects of this star,
Inexistant was the imperfection of this marvel.
As she spoke the first creation of her mind,
Shattered glass fell at my feet and I was destroyed.
Living a lost hope, a mirror of what once was love...
Blind Eyes

Days felt hindered under my new skin,
A flow of life made me breathe something I did not know.
Moving about seeing closely what others do not,
Feelings nurtured under an incomprehensible experience.
Once again time passed by without my knowledge,
But I remained awake throughout it all...

White flashes broke through my thoughts,
Darkness had no hold upon my mind.
Tilting back and forth on a single thread,
Remaining centered by my will alone.
To fight was to survive in this journey,
Intersections of my being collided with another.

Lost and pained without knowing of these sensations,
Confused of what came in different forms from before.
Learning once again the ways that life performs,
The numbness letting way to recognition.
My head is giving me life or death,
But in the end I just simply can't chose...

I confess that life's greatest joy is to ignore. (or to discover)
Le lever du soleil

Une vague sans reflet que l’on observe,
Aucunes réflexions s’y mêle en ce calme de va et vient.
Haussant ses voiles une clarté fait surface,
Cette énergie nouvelle qui s’incruste dans cette substance liquide.
Grandissante et resplendissante sous un ciel nouveau,
Des couleurs qui se dessinent tranquillement.
Au moment d’une luminosité totale qui se dévoile,
Un lever perpétuellement se renouvelle.

Dans un sombre amassement de pensées, je dégringole de ma volonté. Sans attaches qui me lient à la vie, je ne saurais croire en l'espoir et tout ce qui éblouit. Recherchant une porte dont je puis emprunter, découvrir tous les aspects de la réalité. Pourtant cette existance m'est putréfiante, chaque instant je sens mon innocence perdre son identité gratifiante. Toutes mes idéaux qui prennent le ravin, le croissant de mon parcours s’isole de son entrain. Les choix s’accumulent au cours de la route, les panneaux perdent leur sens alors que je m’en foute. Seul je ne puis être entier, qu’est-ce qui pourra ainsi me ramener et me transformer.


There are no choices in the voice,
I look above the sun that shines upon us.
There aren't any ways that your getting away,
From my gaze that lurks beyond the haze.
Without a doubt I stare at your thoughts,
Twisting and turning within your mind.
Racing to get to your destination,
I move on in what you may call frustration...

There is a ripping feeling I get inside,
Right in front of me, the sweat pearls down my skin.
My mind tries to run away from reality,
Yielding it to keep in touch with what lies ahead.
Nothing else matters right now,
Lowering the head but once,
Could spring despair upon all that count on you.
The only thing I think about,
Nothing else than doing my best!

I end it in a bang,
A fusion of resonating souls as one.
The explosion blows the flow of dissonance,
Recreating the mellow that went with yellow.
Crashing into a world of artificial meanings,
Protruding a rush of natural life.
Yelling, screaming, letting everything out,
Making the dream come true,
Breaking the shell that kept me from you!

Inspired by listening to the anime: BECK

A varying viewpoint

The psalms of the damned

The light shades the true ambitions of all,
Running and swirling beyond what hides.
Heralding the beauty of life within its grasp,
Shouting out that all is a struggle to ascend to paradise.
Yet the wanderers of many lands ignore,
They do not know of such things as prayer.
Only survival takes priority to every aspect of time,
Revolving around a circle of death that await every corner.
Darkness lies beyond and above the rest,
Fear and murder being the only truths.
Resisting or ignoring leads only to an inevitable state,
All will pray the psalms of the damned one day or the other....

The holy word of faith

We do not need to look further than hope,
Holding our hands to not let us fall.
Yielding the inner strenght of what makes us whole,
Training our souls to accept the inevitable moment of judgement.
There are some that look towards no one,
Folding their arms and not looking back on the days of old.
They deny our fayth though are always welcome to join,
None the less do they fallow a given path as lost lambs.
Deeds of harsh sins are punished severly by the lord,
Granting pardon is the way for those pure of heart.
For them there is no salvation of the soul,
Only a step to where their spirits lay bare to eternal suffering.

The last stand of the stranger

Whatever good comes forth may it be,
There is only dust that will remain of its passing.
A resolution of deeds have no worth where I will be going,
Holding dear to hope takes away time to find food and shelter.
Loneliness is the one journey that makes me vibrate,
Asking not for help as only your wits will show a new day.
Heading to the next destination is but one of many choices,
Nothing is laid out or definate even after it has passed you by.
Hatred or vengence isn't much of a passion to hold onto,
Unless it hinders the needs that keep me alive.
I do not pray to gods or superior beings,
There is only the next step that I can think of right now.
I rejoice in joy,
There is plentiful of hope,
I smile to your voice,
I do not doubt this feeling,
Relaxing to this language that I do not understand.

Letting my body be one with grace,
Feeling the energy filling my heart,
Trailing back towards the sea of endless waves,
Reaching out without having to catch this sparkle,
Growing before the light that is expressed.

Not denying the emotions that come over me,
Treading along a crossroad of multiple positive aspects,
A rainbow of colors yielding kindness,
Venturing through a tunnel that is complete,
Recesses that will always remain open.

Inspired by listening to Maaya Sakamoto's songs

From another forum where I was asked to write something that seemed utterly wrong or right. I randomly chose something that normally is essential to humanity, and took what felt wrong at that time while I was thinking about it.



Life undone by philosopy,
Creations of the living humanity.
No regret passes those underground,
The mystery remains bound.
Cherishing that in which has been,
Not looking at what lies within.
Resolutions lead by hope,
So many times they could not cope.
Rushing an attempt to daunt an emotion,
Never there is absolution as there always is comotion.
The tear of a loved one no matter the reason,
Holds power beyond any smile or any season.
The Searching light

Endless stems of new life gather,
Remembering the past teachings filled with murder.
The wars that raged are now long past,
Yet our memories cannot forget this wrath.
Humans do not let go of their lives,
Rather convincing their illusion that always strives.
Many threads could come from this selfish act,
But only one vision resists the strain of fact.
The whispered word created by man,
The searching light that hope only can...

Written while listening to Ergo Proxy's ending theme.

Being part of...

Signals that move on endlessly,
Conversations that go along similar ropes.
Time that links certain lives,
The bite of discord tearing others apart.
Uniqueness in politeness,
Working as a key in which we discover.
Within the paths that open up,
Only one way will flourish.
Enchained by the mecanisms,
Unmovable and invicible they are.
And yet life has many keys,
Humanity is vast and has many faces...

Original version:


Signaux qui circulent sans cesse,
Conversations longeant des cordes semblables.
Le temps qui relie certaines vies,
La morsure du désaccord froissant les autres.
Une manière unique de politesse,
Agissant comme une clé que l'on découvre.
Parmi les chemins qui s'ouvrent,
Seule une voie portera fruit.
Enchaîné par des mécanismes,
Immuables et invincibles ils sont.
Pourtant la vie a de nombreuses clés.
L'humain est vaste et de divers facettes...

Note: Wrote original in 7 minutes, wrote the translation a few hours later for AO in 5 minutes...I hope it sounds ok....XD

EDIT: Took out "et' at the last sentence in the English version....

Re-EDIT: Listened to "My Sacrifice" by Creed while translating. The original was wrote at work....alone, in a big night club, resting from washing things and well, wrote it on a small piece of paper in my wallet and my pen I luckily had in my other pocket XD
Partially unmodified text since I somewhat forgot to let it as it was first...but still different from the end product.

Sweet Sacrifice

Drying upon the desolated shore of your life,
I wander as a soulless body upon my resurrection.
Death lurks in every crevice of my undying corpse,
Degenerating as the sun sets at the horizon of what I once was.
To yield an emotion would be too much to demand,
From an empty shell of a man who lost everything.

The moon takes it reigning position and the marshes along the desert island rise,
Moaning of innocent souls cry out to my steady step.
They fear what I now desire more than life itself,
What is relentless remains the hunger of the essence of all things.
Despair flows in the air and washes as the waves come and go,
Life has no standing on this land forever forsaken of God.

Call me when you’re sober

I wake from a dream that I cannot remember,
Moments from another time long past and gone.
I wonder why a thread of darkness leaves from a window.
Eerie eyes looking at my hands, there are no other places that seem clear to me.
Leading a hazy step forward followed by another,
The mirror welcomes my reflection upon its glassy steel.
A stranger stares deeply inside of me,
Gaseous forms leap from its composition and bring back who I am.
I remember now what I have done and the void only remains,
Drying inside what was never human…

END Product

Sweet Sacrifice

Drying upon the desolated shore of my life,
I wander as a soulless body upon my awakening.
Death lurks in every crevice of my undying corpse,
Degenerating as the sun sets at the horizon of what I once was.
To yield an emotion would be too much to demand,
From an empty shell of a man who lost everything.

The moon takes its reigning position and the marshes along the desert island rise,
Moaning of innocent souls cry out to my steady step.
They fear what I now desire more than life itself,
Relentlessness remains in the hunger of the essence of all things.
Despair flows in the air and washes as the waves come and go,
Life has no standing on this land forever forsaken by God.

Call me when you’re sober

I wake from a dream that I cannot remember,
Moments from another time long past and gone.
I wonder why a thread of darkness leaves from a window.
Eerie eyes looking at my hands, there are no other places that seem clear to me.
Leading a hazy step forward followed by another,
The mirror welcomes my reflection upon its glassy steel.
A stranger stares deeply inside of me,
Gaseous forms leap from its composition and bring back who I am.
I remember now what I have done and the void only remains,
Drying inside what was never human…

…But a mere ashen void devouring what once could be called love.
Loosing myself

The heart that cries a wound,
Pounding relentlessly my mind.
It crept upon unknowingly within,
Yet I could always feel it coming.
Looking in the future,
Remaining in the present.
Wondering what step that would not fail,
Gracefully I attempt to find a footing.
Vivid are my desires that remain without an answer,
Force of habit, they remain on the drawing board of life.
Drastic changes call unearthly strength,
Heralding what may never be...
Not looking, sitting back in my mind, hearing out what truly is,
I try not to waver, the lake is yet to overflow, holding tightly this feeling.
Can there be no grasping of an inner destiny,
Or is there no meaning behind this single note that reflects my whole existence.

Inspired by:

and the life of the artist in the clip (which I don't know very much about except that she's american/japanese and that she's chosen to play music as a profession and possibly lifestyle. That and her mix in with the anime series Nana that I'm currently listening to (which is pretty good...if you like shoujo that is....)

and my life XD

Kowaï of you....

You are mystery turned truth,
There aren't any other to compare.
I face the brittle times of life,
Thinking of who you may be.
Sharing thoughts briefly,
The virtual land being our common playground.
What's more than simple exchanges,
Growing through what we are.
Finally with a bit of laughter,
I stare at the world of fear that you create...
Is there no hope?

Must there not be hope in life?
Why do all hold so dearly to peace?
Holding to confess until the very end,
Incomprehensible these babblings may be.
What is an emotion?
Where is the true meaning of a reason?
Always searching for an answer,
To forgive their personal sins they must.
The faith in what we hold eternally so, can it really be real?
Is there nothing left once nothing is all that remains?
I guess forgetting these menial things could destroy this hesitation.
We need to lower our true cause to something of the past.
Are these evil acts ever possible to be cleansed?
Can freeing oneself from all…

In memory of a women who might have existed in the 15th century and that might have been called Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc). I would also like to note that I personally believe in hope. My hope is of peace. One day I may take action to realise peace in some form. Until then, I will continue on writing my personal thoughts and offering them to be read by any who desire so to read them.

+Maxime Girard+


Beyond the slightest of truths,
Forever flying above the limitless space.
Caring to see every minute detail,
Cherishing the light hidden by the darkness.
Living out what our imagination can show,
Leaning upon it as a solid oak staff to make the next step forward.
Laughing and crying out what matters most,
Accepting that sometimes life is as it is.
Guiding yourself through various experiences,
Hailing what counts most of all.
Who other than yourself to realise your own dreams,
Those in which hope resounds strongest of all…

The movie Paprika, directed by the one who made Millenium actress and also Perfect blue, is probably the most comprehensible movie he has made of yet. His name is Satoshi Kon, and I will always be awaiting his next creation that shows a new light on what we all live through every day that passes by. I thank him greatly for his work so far.
Happy New Year

May you linger upon the bloodshed that wars have poured,
May you cry out the times that life was not so bright.
Resting upon past accomplishments of this year,
Screaming out inner desires not yet fulfilled.
I walk on my own in these vast lands,
I watch all move on as I linger a moment longer.
There are rights that always turn up wrong,
Truths that are not meant to be.
Yet hope is cried out louder still,
Gathering the faithful who hold strong still.
Our creations forever changing,
Our dreams lying bare at the end of this cycle.
May you let time go by and enjoy it day by day,
May you watch the sunrise bring light to darkness.
In times of transition

There are no truths beyond my sight,
Would there not be potency in this wreck.
Harnessing the remnants of what once was,
Could a single glance frozen in stasis reflect this sorrow?
Questions without a definition that revolve in shared minds,
Should the door to our hearts be forever opened?
Reverting to my former self,
I ask to life to set me free, dreamer I no longer am, Light in which the nobodies or any other forms could ever attain...

Wrote after watching a piano medley inspired from the songs from a collection of video games from Kingdom Hearts.
La Misère

Ce que l’on recherche le plus est le Bonheur,
La satisfaction d’être complet en soi.
L’acceptation de devenir autre que ce que nous sommes,
Prendre en main cet avenir que l’on a choisi.
La misère crée par l’ignorance,
L’ambition de se soumettre pour pouvoir exister.
Les cauchemars qui sont enfouis sous nos lits,
Nourri par le désespoir qui nous envahis.
En retrait de punir autrui,
Le silence devient l’instrument qui nous détruit.
Oublier et négliger fait parti de ce que l’on construit,
Que ce soit pour ne pas s’impliquer et de s’abîmer devant les réalités que l’on poursuit.

Inspiré en écoutant ceci :

One last goodbye

The one who only desires to be remembered,
The life in which death cannot take place.
Defiling what had never been thought of,
Creating a place where all will be forgiven.
To weep beyond the conceivable,
To search beyond the basic thoughts.
Sadness of things that could not be changed,
Hardness of the choice to take once and for all.
Where could existence store moments of time,
Where does one disappear to once all is said and done?
The last goodbye had to be true to our feelings,
The final word was one of tapestries that you have made time after time.
Wondering if they were the best that we could have made together,
Loosing touch in the end of what was right or wrong.
To sing on and on unto this desert land,
To follow this alien path where all may be lost.
Fondness that could not be contained in one moment,
Kindness from your hand that has shown me more than mere 0’s and 1’s.
How will we see each other again,
How shall you react to my final decision in my material existence?
The seed of my love for you is loosing its self,
The birth of my memory hopefully blooming upon your being.
Moving along the days that shall pass without my voice,
Creating a new world without one that I am part of.
To let go inside the downpour of reasons that I have chosen,
To act out what I have now put into motion.

Ties to life

Anxiety growing deeply,
Within the womb of the lost.
However attempt to evolve,
From one's own past it is to behold.

Harbouring regrets of things,
That could have been and lived.
Gestures never taken upon,
Unless needed to survive.

Forgetful thoughts relentless,
Among the possibilities that exist.
Hope misinterpreted by the many,
Shrouded in the deepest of mystery.

Taking a step towards inner joys,
Towards true accomplishments.
Flourishing like a flower,
As if it had finally come out of winter.

Stepping stones of souls and minds,
Leaving little room to discover success,
Life goes forward always,
Time permits to confront and adapt.

No true path leads to success,
Holding no ground to what you truly desire.
Only resolve and perseverance combined,
Hold the key to permeate these goals.

If one can find motivation,
In the designs of their actions.
Then and only then shall life permit,
To foresee your passions and dreams.
Into the breeze

The closed circle that we dwell upon,
Meaningless to the onlooker who gazes far about.

Hoping a glimpse to discover love,
This mystery that only those who have known it can compare.

Eternally we dance to a simple melody,
That of procreation and activity.

Therefore none can leak out their dreams,
Favoring survival beyond any hazy ambitions.

For death awaits the unweary of time,
Past and present that collide only within our lives.

Stepping up to the task still remains an option,
We aren't mere meals out for consumption.

Realisation is the first step to true growth,
The mind is a toy that man hopes to use,
Surpassing all expectations and play with one could call,
The power of God.

Inspired by:

Rebuild of Evangelion 1.01
A beautiful world
reading all the poems in POTM for May
spontaneous inspiration


Eternal Calm

Long ago on the beaches of freedom,
There was once a lad that had dreams.

None other than himself to talk to,
He felt the need to confess his daily thoughts.

Journeying on his own,
From beyond his recollection of life.

No star that he could truly touch,
Sweetly and delicately with his finger tips.

Light that inspired from so far away,
Envisioned within his entire being.

Longing not at all to the sky,
Its beauty out of reach,
Yet offering dreams to the young man.

His mind always at ease,
Till the end of his time.

Nothing could shatter his resolve,
Until the day the man saw his reflection,
Age had caught up to him.

But still the hopes and thoughts remained,
For his dreams had merely changed and had not dissapeared.

Inspired by:

Macross Frontier and memories of Macross Zero

Aimo ~Tori no Hito

A sense of calmness


To someone who has lost his/her grandfather

Life and death are but one,
You never know when it may come.
Hope and despair feed from the same lair,
Deep within your heart you stare.
May his soul rest peacefully in eternity,
For the sake of those who loved him dearly.
Moving on is your only path,
To not be lost in endless wrath.
My condolences to you,
One who bears what I do too...

Sur ce, passez une bonne journée ou deux à lire ceci, et au prochain Harajuku Québec ou avant!



 Sujet du message: N'importe quoi!!!!!
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Inscrit le: Sam Aoû 02, 2008 11:29 am
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Max...Ses n'importe quoi ton affaire!!

Only Time Is Able To Catch Me, Think Your Up To It?

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MessagePublié: Sam Aoû 02, 2008 1:43 pm 
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Omg super presentation d'la mort sa du être long écrire tout sa....Et beaucoup d'anglais pour ma ptite tete @_@ Dsl mais jai pas lue a moitié ^^' Sinon Bienvenue!! ^^

Il faut rester positif dans la vie ^^

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MessagePublié: Sam Aoû 02, 2008 2:07 pm 
Site Admin
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Inscrit le: Jeu Aoû 02, 2007 11:16 pm
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Je donne 5$ a la premiere personne qui peut me dire sans broncher quelle a lut toute sa présentation... avant davoir lu mon poste qui dit que je donne 5$


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Inscrit le: Sam Aoû 02, 2008 11:45 am
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Takatsumaru (Dave) a déjà tout lu ceci il y a 2 mois (et relut pendant que je la tapais (et faisais ''copier/coller de mes fichiers de répertoire), puisque je l'avais forcé partiellement :P Vous pouvez toujours lui acheter une crème à glace de grand format au Paillard la prochaine fois que l'on se croise ;)

Café-boulangerie Paillard

Paillard is a crossroads of European cuisine. This trendy eatery comprises a bakery, pastry shop, sandwich counter and Italian dairy bar.

1097, rue Saint-Jean - 418 692-1221

Alors sur ce, moi et Dave continuons d'écouter Slayers. Je l'introduit à cette merveilleuse petite série très drôle et divertissante :P


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MessagePublié: Sam Aoû 02, 2008 3:01 pm 
Magical Girl
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Inscrit le: Mar Nov 13, 2007 9:42 pm
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après avoir écrit tout ça, t'as encore du temps pour regarder des animes???? :lol:

Tu win un internet pour la présentation la plus longue que j'ai vu par contre. Et effectivement Shurikn, personne à lut tout ça!

Évolution d'une geek
Anime geek -> Manga geek -> Cosplay geek -> Soon to be Boardgame Geek

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Inscrit le: Dim Aoû 26, 2007 10:47 am
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Bienvenue ! ^^

Je suis libre et sans lois, jamais je n'abandonnerais je suis comme la rivière je suis fière et libre comme l'aire, seule maitre de mes frontière jamais je n'abandonnerai mes rêves

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Inscrit le: Sam Aoû 02, 2008 11:45 am
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@ jusdepomme: Bien sûr voyons donc, le merveilleux monde de anime peut mener une personne vers l'infini!!!! Par contre, si un ami/le travail/le beau temps m'appel suffisamment, l'expérience qui se nomme ''anime'' prend immédiatement le bord ;)

Et merci à tout le monde qui m'a souhaité la bienvenue :)


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MessagePublié: Sam Aoû 02, 2008 7:33 pm 
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Inscrit le: Mer Jan 02, 2008 12:36 am
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bienvenu gentil monsieur qui a fait un simili sondage quand on est arrivés hihi n_n

je pense qu'on a un grand poète sur le forum o.o...

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Inscrit le: Ven Aoû 01, 2008 12:32 pm
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Bienvenue à toi
Es-tu aussi bavard en personne? lol

J'ai pas lu au complet, mais mon attention a été attirée par Haibane Renmei... tu dis que tu as vu de 1 à 13 et aimerais continuer... désolée de te décevoir, mais tu as bel et bien terminé la série!! ... hp?id=1871

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MessagePublié: Sam Aoû 02, 2008 9:46 pm 
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Inscrit le: Ven Oct 19, 2007 5:07 pm
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Shurikn a écrit:
Je donne 5$ a la premiere personne qui peut me dire sans broncher quelle a lut toute sa présentation... avant davoir lu mon poste qui dit que je donne 5$

jles lu mouhahah XD (rendu folle a cause du manke de sucre)

en tout cas bienvenu a toi ^^

J'ai hate que le temps auras tout arranger et qu'on pourra peu-etre etre ensemble...

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Inscrit le: Sam Aoû 02, 2008 11:45 am
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@ neko hime:

Merci bien pour me souhaiter la bienvenue. Et pour ce qui est du sondange, c'était plutôt ma curiosité légèrement énorme qui me fait poser tant de questions. Je suis attiré par la connaissance et les choses qui m'intéressent de manière aussi intense qu'une mouche est attirée par la lumière. Sauf que généralement, un miracle se produit et la lumière n'est qu'un illusion qui me permet simplement d'en tirer une leçon de vie!

Pour ce qui est de la poésie, je serais curieux de savoir ceux qui vous avez lu pour croire que mon écriture vaille quelque chose que ce soit. Bref, j'aime bien la critique!

@ Lulusque:

J'avais déjà la connaissance du moment final de la série, sauf que je n'ai jamais mis à jour mon commentaire que j'avais originellement écris à côté du titre. Pour ce qui est du liens, dans mon fichier, tous mes titres ont un hyperlien vers animenewsnetwork. J'y suis même un ''subscriber''. J'écris pas souvent là-bas par contre, mais j'ai le même nom d'utilisateur làs-bas qu'ici.

Haibane Renmei était très bien, j'espère voir bien d'autres animations dirigé par cet équipe de grands scénaristes et d'animation qui apporte un détail de profondeur au-delà de la moyenne de ce domaine qu'est les dessins animés!

@ Kakashi:

Si tu as tout lu, c'est que vous êtes la 2e personne à faire cet exploit. Je serais curieux de vos commentaires sur les anime que j'ai écouté et la poésie que j'ai écris, ainsi que votre point de vue sur l'influence des dessins animés sur moi et sur tous les gens qui fréquente les forums en général et qui parfois se rassemblent en groupe ici au québec :P

Sur ce, merci et bonne nuit à tous et toutes!


P.S.: Si vous faites de quoi et m'en avisez d'ici 30 minutes, je suis toujours prêt à une ou deux nuits blanches d'anime ou d'activités hors du commun ;) Sinon cela ira à la prochaine fois!


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MessagePublié: Dim Aoû 03, 2008 1:07 am 
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Inscrit le: Ven Aoû 10, 2007 8:47 am
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Wow! Alors la, ca bats tous les records. Énorme présentation :P.

Bref, bienvenue parmi Q-Otaku. On peut voir ici que tes talents de tappe-touche sont assez bien avancés(je me demande vraiment combien de temps ca du te prendre à tout écrire ca :shock: ). Peu importe. J'arrive pas a croire que tu aies eu le temps de d'écrire tant de chose et en même temps de regarder des animes. Tes talents de multi-tâches sont vraiment fort aussi.

Je dois dire qu'après avoir lu une grande majorité de ton texte(C'était vraiment un roman :shock: ), si quelqu'un dit que tu t'y connais pas en anime, tu peux leur dire de lire ton post de présentation :P.

Encore une fois, bienvenue parmi Q-Otaku et passe de bon moments sur tes séjours ici :).

Games... Games... MOAR Games!!! Bwuahaha!

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MessagePublié: Dim Aoû 03, 2008 7:33 pm 
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Inscrit le: Sam Aoû 02, 2008 11:45 am
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Mici Malak! <----mon message record le plus court!


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